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About Us

Hotel Kalemi is built on an renovated house that is characteristic of Gjirokaster’ s tradition. From this house you can see an 14th century castle and the typical rock made houses of the historic city.
Price per room: $ 40.00
The Hotel Kalemi, Gjirokaster, Albania has :
· 11 double rooms with single or double beds.
· In the price is included the free breakfast.
· Each room/ has with private modern bathroom including shower (guaranteed hot water availability).
· Fully heated and air-conditioned year round with individual room controls.
· Beautiful views of the center of Gjirokaster and the surrounding mountains.
· TV in each room.
· Restaurant/Bar with full services accommodating 10-40 people.
· Private dining room seating up to 20 people.
· Guest facilities for photocopy, fax, international telephones, and touring guides.
· Courteous trained staff 24 hours round the clock.
· Complete back up systems for electricity and water to assure 24-hour uninterrupted services.
· Parking facilities.
· We speak English, Greek, French and Albanian.

Phone: +355 84 263724/ /267260

Fax: +355 84 267260
Cell:+355 682234373

e-mail: Webmaster: Pullumb Kalemi

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